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New Years Wardrobe

So I’ve decided that my life would greatly be improved if I did more things naked

Eating, sleeping, reading, spontaneous dance parties, ya know your average run of the mill stuff like that.

Apparently doing more things in the nude greatly improves confidence. Plus in approximately one month Ghana is going to be entering into the ‘hot’ season. Joy of joys for the girl who can barely handle the cold season.
Plus bonus of bonuses if I do laundry naked I might even out my ridiculous t shirt tan. Just another bonus of living in a Muslim country (have to cover up and b relatively classy)

Plus think of all the money I would save and I wouldn’t have to worry about which clothing procures are bad and which ones are good.

So all and all nudity is the way to go. At least it will be until I get back to Canada and suddenly remember there is such a thing as 25 degrees and then some.

My Christmas/ New Years present from the Universe

Of all the possible gifts the universe could have given me and it gave me Malaria. And I am grateful and I mean it, ya it has its down points like i will never be able to give blood again. But bonus is I’m a tank-can’t even mess with me cuz i got malaria.

And the trip to the hospital… hilarious (everyone pay attention because Benin is a frickin riot)
so our hotel very kindly arranged motor taxis to pick all four of us up and take us to hostpital. Motortaxis are just plain fun -three people crammed on a motorcycle no helmets no nothing weaving around pot holes-they make you feel alive you know.

Anyway we get to the hospital and we have to deal with the doctor hitting on us instead of asking us our symptoms- it was very nice to hear how beautiful we were despite the fact we’d been up all night being all sorts of sick.

Then we got our blood taken. I think that the guy that took my blood might have been gardener? Not too sure but he was definately gardening. Its ok though cuz he washed his hands not with soap but with straight water then sterilized my arm with water.

In the end the fabulous four remain victorious. Andi took room mate solidarity to a whole new level and got malaria a few hours after me out of sheer loyalty. Doctor Val took our temperatures and Susan made sure everything went down without a hitch. And me I was there as always.

Bucket List

So today was a relaxing day before we all start travelling again. It was nice we all got to sit around and talk about the future. It was one of those can’t wait for my life to start moments. WE all started our bucket lists and i gotta say if i complete my bucket list i will most likely be a stay at home mom who has had some pretty epic adventures or ridiculously famous. Either way it involved a lot of travelling, gardening and cooking.

I love susan she’s the best person eva

You can thank susan for the great title idea

Spending time in Burkina Faso and I have breaking news. THEY HAVE CHEESE, but not just cheese they also have yogurt and bread and milk. My body is very impressed with me and is wondering “wtfs has this white girl been eating for the past 3 months?”

My french skills are lets just say “lacking.” Last night i wanted to eat yogurt and this usual requires a spoon, so I went and asked the guy at the hotel kitchen for a spoon, except i did not know the word for spoon, So I simply asked for “something thats like a knife but you use it to eat yogurt” His expression was a mixture of “i need to quit my job and this is funny but in a sad kind of way.”

I love Valerie as well as susan, she speaks actual french and without her I would most likely die or just smile and say yes to so very random things. She was very fortunate enough to translate for me and my soul mate…thats right people my SOULMATE

Guess how i met this guy-i didnt I walked pasted him and he said to me in passing “C’est jolie” which of course translates to I am more beautiful than a greek goddess. A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) assured me “no he didn’t mean you, I think he was talkiing about your bag” Whateves I’m over it, obvs.

Anywho we kept walking and stumbled across a restaurant to have dinner, he followed and then informed me via VAL that i was his soulmate and he has never been able to talk to anyone like he is able to talk to me (aka through a translater) and that he wants to spend more time getting to know me if only for a few minutes. He also said I was incredibly nice and was a kind and generous person. I got his number and email so if all else fails i gotta a potential husband in Burkina Faso, we may not be able to speak the same language but that doesn’t matter when you share a connection like ours, WE don’t share words we share electrical pulses that transmite through the air into love.


Didn’t post any pics over the weekend b/c I wrote that worst 2 papers of my life. But thats ok b/c they are done now and I’m moving on.

Feeling like my life has an Audrey Hepburn theme today. I’m liking me some Funny Face, with the whole wearing pink and dancing under the Eiffel Tower(like the eiffel tower i drew-mad skills). I could rock some pearls from Tiffanies (Tiffany’s?). Maybe grab some breakfast while im there but ONLY if it involves a bagel (and smear some cream cheese on that sucka while ur at it)and if i can be the mistress to someone who has Latino roots, or latino name, or a tan.

To complete the Audrey Hepburn theme I feel it is necessary to acquire some kind of pet and name it David (Sabrina reference here) but- I don’t think I could do this unless I acquire a stray dog on the way home tonight but then again I named a goat Rudolph and today on the way to school I saw him being dragged away to slaughter (he is included in the photo as memorial). So shouldn’t name animals on the way home b/c it ends up getting them killed. So we’re back to the issue of what I should name David. I think I should stick to non living things. I know I’ll name the weave I’m gonna get David. A purple Mohawk named David its perfect.



my siblings gave me kobo for my birthday and i was all like “right on,” but now its turned into a problem b/c im addicted. Completely and totally i mean i hooked on those really really really bad free romance novels like “Ye-haw Cowgirl” or “Who’s the baby daddy?” You know real bad stuff like that.

And then…. i discovered the kobo store. and I was downloading and purchasing b/c as long as their intelligent and productive then its a wise investment right? I mean who’s gonna tell me that reading is not good for me.

ANd then I found ‘it’

THe book! “Convict Conditioning” The book that teaches you how to work out like a convicted criminal in prison. If im not jacked in like 2 months somebody gonna get shanked!

My drawing of the day…

i broke down today and bought bright red lipstick, lovin it! It’s called vixen I know right. Had a little mini dance party - mainly by myself as other ppl watched but thats ok, and guess what song it happened to Rihanna we found love thus the pic.

Played volley ball with my fellow TIGers but there was no net and the ball was made of paper, but thats cool. Gonna take a tro tro home, becasue well is there any better way to travel? Heck No.

And then a drew a cracker cuz they’re real yummy

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